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County Commissioners

     Presiding Commissioner
            Jim Stone                              660-885-7201
     North District Commissioner
            Daniel Doll                            660-885-7202
     South District Commissioner
            Jim Talley                             660-885-7202

[County Commissioners] [County Services and Officials] [County Political Entities]

County Services and Officials

            100 West Franklin                      660-885-6963
     Sheriffs Office                               660-885-5587
     Henry County Detention Center 
            Northeast Corner Main & Green          660-885-7021
     County Bridge Department
            1312 N 2nd Clinton                     660-885-6370
     County Health Center
            306 South 2nd Clinton                  660-885-8193
     County Fairgrounds
            Highway 52 North Clinton               660-885-5901
     University Extension
            Courthouse                             660-885-5556
     WIC Program Office                            660-885-8195
     Henry County Joint Communications
            120 E Lincoln Clinton                  660-885-5561
     Central Emergency Services
            110 West Benton Windsor                660-647-3135
     Division of Social Services
            1661 North 2nd                         660-885-5531
     Division of Aging
            1661 North 2nd                         660-885-5531
     Missouri Career Center
            1661 North 2nd                         660-885-5541

     County Clerk
           Rick Watson                             660-885-7204
     Local Election Authority (County Clerk):
           Rick Watson                             660-885-7204
           Registering to Vote
           Polling Places 
           Absentee Voting
           Poll Workers
     County Treasurer/Collector
           Maggie Stoddard                         660-885-7207
     County Assessor
           James R. Keck                           660-885-7212
     County Recorder of Deeds
           Ronda Ake                               660-885-7209
     Public Administrator
           Kay Holt                                660-885-7245
           J. Kent Oberkrom                        660-885-7021 Ext. 7301
     Prosecuting Attorney
           Richard Shields                         660-885-7221
     County Coroner
           Dain Sisk                               660-525-2775
     Circuit Clerk (27th Judicial Circuit)
           Marsha Abbott                           660-885-7230
     Presiding Judge (27th Judicial Circuit)
           James K. Journey                        660-885-7242
     Associate Circuit Judge (27th Judicial Circuit)
           Wayne P. Strothmann                     660-885-7231
     County Surveyor
           Jacob Hann                              660-885-8311 
     Local Emergency Management Director
           John Gover                              660-885-7217
     Local Emergency Pallning Committee Coordinator
           Robert Easton                           660-885-4920
     Henry County Extension Office
           Lisa Wallace                            660-885-5556
     Henry County Economic Development
     County Health Center
     Golden Valley Memorial Hospital
           Randy Wertz                             660-885-5511
     Henry County Central Dispatch
           Kristen Jones                           660-885-5587 or 660-885-5561
                                                         &  911

[County Commissioners] [County Services and Officials] [County Political Entities]

Henry County Political Entities

     Ambulance Districts:
Warsaw Lincoln Amublance District                  660-438-2993
Windsor Ambulance District                         660-647-3600

     Fire Districts:
Cass County Fire District #5, Creighton            660-499-2264
Tightwad Fire Protection District                  660-477-9367
Warsaw Fire Protection District, Warsaw                     911

     Public Water Districts:
Henry County Water District #1                     660-885-8127 Contact
Truman Public Water District #2                    660-693-4551 Plant
Henry County Water District #3                     660-885-9458 Plant
Henry County Water District #4                     660-638-4601 Office
Henry County Water Company                         660-885-2157 Office

     Hospital Districts:
Community (Ellett) Memorial Hospital
  610 N. Ohio, Apleton City                        660-476-2111
Golden Valley Memorial Hospital
  1600 N. 2nd, Clinton                             660-885-5511

     Community College District:
State Fair Community College
  3201 W. 16th, Sedalia                            660-530-5800

[County Commissioners] [County Services and Officials] [County Political Entities]

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