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Favorite Library Memories

The Henry County Library has collected the favorite favorite library moments from a number of patrons and visitors, and recorded them here on our Library Memories page. Perhaps your favorite memory was your first visit as a child, someone you met or a program you attended. Look below to see what others have said was their favorite library moment.

Favorite Library Memories

Here are some of our favorite library memories:

Submitted by Anonymous:

In those days, our local library's Childrens Department was open one night a week, on Monday's. Every Monday night my Dad would gather all of us and drive over to the library, and go down the steps into the magic world of the Children's Department. So many books! We were each allowed to check out 2 books a week, and it wasn't always easy to decide which two choose.

Submitted by Roger:

Reading two book's about my great grandfather's tour in the civil war. He is buried in Montrose. The book's were The First New York Lincoln Cavalry by Wm. Beach The other was Boot's and Saddle's i forget the author.I was very surprised to find these book's even more surprised to find someone in my family was in them. Very interesting reading.

Submitted by Jennifer:

Henry County Library is the source of a wonderful memory that I have kept for a lifetime. The memory is of me, barely beyond toddling age, walking hand-in-hand with my father into the library.

My father worked many long hours at Alva Allen Manufacturing to support his wife and four children. But there was always a special time in his week that he saved just for me, his youngest, back in the early 1970s -- our trip to the library.

It was the result of these trips -- me sitting on my dad's lap while he read wonderful, enchanting stories -- that instilled in me a love of reading. That passion for the written word carried me through school, college and now to my career at a public library in Kansas City.

There was one book in particular, a collection of stories, that I remember. I don't know the stories it contained. But I do remember having to check it out more than once to finish it; it was that thick! (I also remember a picture of a whale on the inside cover that was particularly fascinating to me.

Perhaps it is at Henry County Library where my passion for whales first began, too!)

Submitted by Debra:

Our 1st grade class visited the library and Mrs. Flip the lady at the library had us sit in a circle and read books to us and I loved it.

Submitted by Anonymous:

When the book mobile would come to our school. The whole school (1ST-8th grade) would take their chairs to the hall and we would watch film strips. Then we could go out to their book mobile and pick out books that the classrooms could keep for a month. There were some really good books.

The library has come a long ways since the 60's, and I enjoy and appreciate everyone associated with it, then and now.

Submitted by Joyce:

I have not been back to Clinton since the death of my beloved Leroy, in 1990. While we were dating, we used to take a lot of evening walks,and usually end up at the library. I am now residing in Florida, and tho I am so far away, I still remember all the wonderful secrets that Clinton holds and in my heart, there are memories that remain secret, yet so dear to me. My mother in law lived on East Oak, thru the years we have lost contact,and have been trying to contact her, but time has lapsed,and I have lost touch. I miss her and the snow that is gathered in the square, and the way people greet each other with a sincere how are you, and yes even the old library. The picture of the new one is beautiful
..Blessings from Florida.

Submitted by Heather:

I remember coming to the library over by Circle K,and now that is a $1.00 shop. I was 14 yrs old when was the last time I was there, now hereing it change some, it feels like I've been gone for years, but really I've been gone for about 8 yrs, that seems so long. My father lives in Clinton now, but I live in Lee's Summit, I'm 22 and getting ready to get married soon, wedding date is October 27th 2001. The one thing I remember is winning a drug free poster contest for my age group,and I got a baby rabbit doll for my prize. I was presented the bunny when I was in 6th grade I was going to Clinton Middle at the time. I feel like I left a piece of me in Clinton, but hey, people move on and that's what I did, I moved on. I heard the park flooded,is that true I told myself,well I would have to come back and see it for myself. I've told my fiance' alot of stories about Clinton, he even said he wouldn't mind coming down and visit the town and I said "OK", it didn't matter to me at all. Soon enough, I'll be living in Clinton again, maybe and maybe not.

Wow,it's been that long, that long since I was there last, it's amazing how everything changed when I left. I still remember my old junior high friends. Wow,I can't believe I remembered them from so long, well, I remember coming to the library after school to check out books for reports and or just to read, I remember coming in and asking where a curtain book was. I also remember coming into the library, and seeing not all of the books on the shelf yet. I still have my library card to this day, I miss everyone there,but hey, maybe I'll come back to live there and keep coming to the library, but with my fiance' soon to be husband, well that down the road. Well it's time for me to wrap this up and give some other people a chance to put in their own memories and everyone of Clinton Missouri will always be in my heart to remember forever, thanks for letting me write my memories down.

Submitted by Sarah:

Going to story time when I was a little girl. I can still remember the smell of the libary. It is sure strange how things change over the years.

Submitted by Russell:

As a child when other kids were playing ball I was at the library. My first memory of the library was my mother as volunteer reading to children. I was fascinated by the romance of the stacks in the children's section. The smell of those books drew me like a pint sized adventurer into lands that only those books could take me to. I read all the books about animals, indians, cowboys, and then graduated to the Nancy Drew Mysteries. I devoured them all in one summer.

I would leave the library with a stack of books so high I could just look over the top to see my way home, 5 blocks away. Often I would simply go to the back of the library building and crawl up into the bushes and hide in the cool shade, reading some new adventure.

I read histories of WWI, WWII, and Korea. I remember navigating to the adult section as a rite of passage for me. Books were then, and are today among my best friends. The librarians knew me by name and were my guides and gaurdians during those awkward steps from adolesence to my early teen years. My education at school of course was important - but my view of the world - much of my understanding of life I gained in the stacks of the old Henry County library just off the square in Clinton.

Submitted by Anonymous:

The best memory of the library would have to be the way we felt back in the 1950's, when the FIRST library was opened. Nothing could top that. There is no way I can discribe that feeling to you. You would need a poet, one who has the words we would all like to have. All I can say is something I should have said some 50 years ago. THANK YOU.

Submitted by Beverly:

The bookmobile came to our little school in Deepwater, Mo. I was only five when I stepped into our little world of books. When I was six, I went to the library and could not believe all of the books. I wanted to read every one of them. Now, in my home, I have invested in my own library. When I return to Clinton to visit family, I drive by the new library and I'm so proud. Once, when we had an illness in the family, I was in Clinton and my sister dropped me off at the Library, came at noon to take me to lunch, then, dropped me off at the library until she got off work at 5pm. It was a wonderful way to spend a day. My memories of the Henry County Library are vivid.

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