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Lewis Area Mining Spurs

Map of Lewis Area

This map was scanned from a copy made from the 1895 Plat Book of Henry County, using a hand scanner. (Which accounts for the somewhat wavy nature of some of the lines!). Linda Everhart's USGenWeb site for Henry County has a much neater version of the map of the Lewis area, scanned in color, and a detailed map of Lewis Station

The map shows the area around Lewis Station, about midway between Clinton and Calhoun, on the Missouri Kansas & Texas line. Coal mining on a commercial scale in Henry County started at Lewis and it remained a major producing area until after 1900.

The original shipping mines at Lewis were all underground. Most were shaft mines, but some were drift or incline mines, boring into the side of the hill to reach the coal. The mine on D. B. Piggs's land in Section 9, at the end of the Tramway, was very likely a drift mine, as the land here rises very abruptly from the banks of the West Fork of Tebo Creek.

In December of 1882 the mines at Lewis produced nearly 180 carloads of coal or about 3,600 tons. (See Notes from Newspapers - 1883 for details.)

By the 1940's the underground mines at Lewis had closed, either mined out or driven out of business by the developing strip mining industry. Some stripping was done in the area northeast and north of Lewis, west of the West Fork of Tebo Creek, and the MK&T at one time had a short spur, not shown on this 1895 map, from the main line just east of Lewis north past the Boatwright Cemetery to a mine on the land shown in this map as owned by Lewis Pierce.

The Crowe Coal Company operated a strip mine north of the MK&T tracks about midway between Clinton and Lewis in the 1930's and in the mid-1940's used the plant to load coal stripped from land south of Highway 52 and hauled to the tipple by trucks. Later, around 1960, Peabody Coal Company opened its Tebo Mine just southwest of Calhoun, Missouri, not too far from the northwest corner of map shown. The land directly west of Lewis Station was stripped by Peabody in the 1970's, removing all traces of the rail spur that ran just west of the county road (NE 311) to the mine near Drake School.

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