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Henry County: Teachers at Rural schools
1946-1947 term

There were 72 rural schools operating in Henry County at this time (plus the Shawnee C-3 and Brownington city schools).

Since the 1926 Rural Teacher listing, a number of districts had apparently closed their schools, sending pupils to other, nearby schools. These include (with their district number), the Berry (2), Oakdale (4), Hughes (5), Plum Grove (11), Collins (38), Fields Creek (40), Moore (46), Coal (54), Cleveland (71), American (72), Mt. Hope (75), Wagner, (77), Enterprise (78), Franklin (81), Lone Vale (82), Lookout (85), Fairview (86), Tranquility (88), Hay Creek (94), and Prairie Grove (101). 

  3  Crews                       Mrs. Elizabeth C. Johns
  6  Edgewood                    Mrs. Genevieve P. Scott
  7  Powell                      Mrs. Anna Vannatta
  8  Liberty                     Miss Velma Love
  9  Pleasant View               Mrs. Harold Motsinger
 10  Hickory Grove               Mrs. Thelma Hays
 12  Merritt                     Mrs. Emogene Yount
 13  Highland                    Miss Juanita Johnson
 14  Union                       Mrs. H. J. Tuubesing
 C-3 Shawnee Mound               Mrs. Anna May Pickering         
 16  Dunham                      Miss Helen Marie Butcher
 17  Little Grant                Mrs. Roxie Lane
 18  Comer                       Miss Mary Kathryn Benson
 19  Huntingdale                 Mrs. James Hargrave Jr.
 24  Cornett                     Mrs. Howard Emick
 26  Bee Branch                  Miss Elizabeth Chaney
 27  Bunker Hill                 Miss Etta Lou Wisdom
 28  Enterprise                  Miss Reppie Jo Garrison
 29  Oak Grove                   Miss Roberta Jeanne Toalson
 30  Hickory Grove               Mrs. Fred Johnson
 31  Maple Grove                 Mrs. Ruthe Duvall
 32  Lucas                       Mrs. Lee Lacy
 33  Garland                     Mrs. Dorothy Harvey
 34  Hartwell                    Mrs. Arlie Mae Cott
 35  White                       Mrs. Ethel J. Kunkler
 36  Marvin                      Mrs. Veta Zehnder
 37  Curtis                      Miss Joanne Demarea
 39  Land                        Mrs. Audrey Briggs
 41  East                        Mrs. Della M. Hall
 42  Lewis                       Mrs. Harold McGinness
 43  Bronaugh                    Mrs. Elizabeth Clay
 44  Deer Creek                  Mrs. Hattie Vestal
 45  Oakland                     Mrs. Fannie Ketchum
 47  Roseland                    Mrs. Pearl Uhlenbock
 48  George                      Mrs. Bertha Mae Atwell
 49  Leesville                   Mrs. Jessie Thompson
 50  Hortense                    Mrs. Paul Wilson
 51  Logan                       Mrs. Thelma B. Fergerson
 52  Shady Grove                 Miss Catherine McQuitty
 53  Turner                      Mrs. B. Ione McMenemy
 55  Star                        Miss Iva Mae Fowler
 56  Freedom                     Miss Elsie Coones
 57  Pretty Bob                  Mrs. June Thrush Logan                   
 58  Greenridge                  Mrs. Ruth Purma
 59  Bethlehem                   Mrs. Hazel Brown
 60  Russell                     Mrs. Maggie Eberting
 61  New Harmony                 Miss Shirley Milles
 62  Lima                        Mrs. Mary Hoppe
 63  Independence                Mrs. Mildred Dehn
 64  Mount Carmel                Miss Virginia Calvird
 65  Mound                       Miss Mary Ellen Pfister
 67  Ladue                       Garland R. Bartlett
 68  Willow Branch               Miss June Dehn
 69  Camp Branch                 Mrs. Mabel Moore
 70  White Oak                   Mrs. Thomas Jefferson
 73  Piper                       Mrs. Edythe Forney
 74  Aurora                      Mrs. Wayman Smith
 76  Maple Grove                 Sister Florina Haefale, Sister Verona Kreutzman, Sister Mary Vincent Derks
 79  Browning                    Mrs. E. C. Johannigmeier
 80  Glenwood                    Mrs. Bonnie Dunlap
 83  Farmers Institute           Mrs. Mersylla Rotert
 84  Antioch                     Mrs. Alice Sargent
 87  Shiloh                      Mrs. Anna Mae Singer
 89  Pleasant Valley             Miss Mildred Schmidli
 90  Glendale                    Miss Georgia McVey
 91  Surprise                    Ira J. Denny
 92  Richland                    S. Gene Straw
 93  Columbia Hall               Ray R. Hamblin        
     Brownington                 Mrs. C. C. Devine
 96  County Line                 Mrs. Jewell Raymond
 97  Diamond Point               Mrs. Naomi McClendon
 98  Pleasant Ridge              Mrs. Frances Barnes
 99  Mound Springs               Mrs. Gladys Dennis
100  Finey                       Miss Emma Sue Tope
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