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State of Missouri (1904) - Henry County

Map of County
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Nature predestined Henry County for agriculture and stock raising and in addition gave it material which has builded its extensive and distinct industries of tile working and pottery moulding. In physical position the county is third south of the Missouri River and second east of the Kansas line. It is noted for pure-bred cattle and horses, and as the location of three of the largest and best known flouring mills in this section of the State. Educational advantages are worthy of mention. Clinton High School and Windsor High School head public school systems, the work of which is approved by the State University. Baird College for Young Women is located in Clinton. Railroad facilities are advantageous, Kansas City is but two hours away by rail, and Springfield equally close. The Missouri, Kansas & Texas gives direct line to St. Louis.

Population -- White 26,962, colored 1,092; American born 27,312, foreign born 742; total 28,054. Farm homes owned 2,207, rented 1,147, other homes owned 1,497, rented 1,349; total families 6,200.

Finance -- County tax 40 cents; road tax 15 cents on one hundred dollars valuation; school tax from 15 cents to $1.50; average 50 cents; total assessed valuation $8,953,427; real estate is assessed upon one-third basis; personal property at seventy per cent rate; county debt $455,000; no township debt.

Timber -- One fourth of Henry county was originally timbered, along the water courses. Indicative of the land's natural fertility, the trees were of black walnut, hickory, wild cherry, maple, hackberry, and some black oak and elm varieties. Timber remains in sufficiency for firewood and rough board purposes.

Minerals -- Upon the mineral resources are based two of the largest industrial institutions of the county. Several different kinds of clays are found, one of which is admirably adapted to the manufacture of clay wares. At Calhoun, in the northeastern part of Henry County, for many years has operated a pottery making plant. It gives employment to a large part of the city. At Clinton, in the central part, is located a tile manufacturing plant, one of the largest in the western States. Its product is sold throughout the west and east to an extent of several hundred car loads annually.

Land -- The county contains 740 square miles of land surface, or 473,000 acres. In actual cultivation are 380,975 acres, devoted to the growing of grains common to the temperate zone. A large acreage is devoted to wheat, most of which is consumed by flouring mills within the county. Corn is cultivated in vast quantity. Notwithstanding the enormous livestock feeding within the county, more than one and a half million dollars of corn is annually shipped out. There are 3,447 farms of an average size of 127 acres estimated to be worth, according to present selling figures, $12,253,050. Grain products and live stock values in aggregate on Henry County farms average in excess of two thousand dollars for each farmer, or $16 for every acre of land, cultivated, pasture, and timber. Topographically, the county is three-fourths undulating prairie. The exception is found in the stream-adjoining strips. Farms sell at $30 to $35 an acre. Three-fifths of the soil is black loan, wherein the land bring $35. Seven-twentieths is a lighter colored limestone loam where the land sells at $30. One twentieth of the land is rough; sells at $10 an acre.

Towns -- Clinton, population 5,061, county seat; three railroads; supported by agriculture, stockraising, flouring, clay-working, and mercantile interests. Windsor, population 1,502, agriculture and stockraising. Deepwater, population 1,201, agriculture and stockraising. Montrose, 613; Calhoun 561; Urich, 445; Brownington 407; all centers of agricultural districts.

Transportation -- There are three railroads: Missouri Kansas & Texas, which crosses the county from northeast to southwest; Frisco and the Kansas City Clinton & Springfield, which parallel, in right angle to the M.K. & T.

Newspapers -- Clinton: Henry County Democrat; Evening Democrat; Eye; Tribune; Republican, Windsor: Review, Journal. Blairstown Times; Urich Herald; Deepwater World; Montrose Recorder; Calhoun Clarion.

                     HENRY COUNTY'S 1902 CROP
                           Acres           Product          Value
Corn                      124,767        5,177,830 bu.    $1,631,015
Wheat                      23,590          483,595 bu.       265,975
Oats                       11,464          378,310 bu.       100,250
Hay                        39,075           68,380 tons      376,090
Forage                      6,355            8,475 tons       42,375
Flax                        8,535           34,140 bu.        35,505
Broom Corn                  3,190        1,754,500 lbs.       48,250
Clover seed               `                  1,650 lbs.        9,240
Grass seed                                   7,200 lbs.       11,520
Tobacco                        22           14,300 lbs.        1,430
Potatoes                      799           99,875 bu.        34,955
Vegetables                  1,200                             63,545
Total                                                     $2,620,150

                       LIVESTOCK AND PRODUCTS
Kind                                        Number             Value
Cattle                                      37,136        $1,206.920
Horses                                      12,273           818,200
Mules                                        3,800           285,000
Asses and Jennies                               90             9,000
Sheep                                        3.666            11,000
Swine                                       54,569           545,690
Chickens                                   172,561 )
Turkeys                                      6,355 )         164,345
Geese                                        5,062 )
Ducks                                        2,709 )
Swarms of bees                               2,661             6,365
Honey                                       88,700 lbs.       11,090
Wool                                        11,240 lbs.        1,875
Milk                                     3,198,098 gal.)
Butter                                     594,464 lbs.)     250,070
Eggs                                     1,070,960 doz.      133,870
Total                                                     $3,443,325

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